Shelane Nunnery founded Grapevine Marketing in 2000.  Prior to that, she served as Marketing & Advertising Director at Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc. (now A.Schulman Engineered Composites),  a leading global supplier of high performance materials.  She has extensive experience with brand development and integration and global event management. She founded Noble Goat Travel LLC in 2017.


 At right: she is interviewed in Cairo,  Egypt (July 2014) about recent global events and the impact on the travel industry within Africa and the Middle East.


Shelane Nunnery, company founder and Director of Vibe, is a passionate world traveler who loves the great outdoors, horseback riding and hiking. She is happiest when embarking on the next adventure.

Founder, President


Shelane Nunnery's passion for travel, her personal experiences and her strong corporate background led her to destination event management. She has cultivated close relationships with hotels and suppliers around the globe and has a vast knowledge of  hundreds of properties because of her first-hand experience.  She encourages her team to travel.  Representatives from our company are present at every event we plan, providing on site support, no matter where in the world it is.

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